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You’re Invited to KLERE’s Grande Premiere & Press Conference !



KLERE is pleased to announce their Official Grand Premier this Sunday February 26, 2017 at Club Majestics 801 South John Young Parkway in Orlando Florida. KLERE will claim their spot in the Haitian Music Industry with the debut of two hit songs TONIGHT and JALOUZI.

Come and celebrate with KLERE as they display their talent and undeniable love of true kompa inspired music. To KLERE’S diehard fans as well as our newly acquired fans KLERE will capture your hearts with romantic but edgy kompa songs all night.   KLERE is ready to fill a music industry void by offering that sexy, sultry, seductive but contemporary music that the ladies are begging for.

KLERE extends this invitation out to all media, all press, and to anyone who would love to see history in the making. February 26th 2017 in Orlando Florida at Majestics Night Club 801 South John Young Parkway.

**** PRESS INVITE @ 6 PM ****

**** DOORS OPEN @ 10 PM ****


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