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Just In: Read Drasso’s ” GOOD BYE ” to Zenglen | Drasso Kite Zenglen !



Jodi Lindi 30 Oktòb la, Konpaevents resevwa yon lèt nan men Basis Zenglen an Drasso ki pote move nouvel pou tout fanatik Zenglen.

Nan lèt sa Drasso di’l KITE ZENGLEN, men li pa di pou ki rezon ni kisa ki pouse’l ak yon desizyon konsa.

Below is Drasso’s Letter announcing he’s leaving Zenglen…

It is with a heavy heart that I must bid adieu to the Zenglen experience. First, I would like to thank the Zenglen management team for their patience, understanding, and for having contributed greatly to my musical growth. I wish you all the best.

To my bandmates: you have enhanced my musical experience in ways you can’t even imagine. You have challenged me on many levels. Collectively you have given me the gift of laugher, joy and even aggravation. But above all, some of you have shown me the true meaning of the words “mizisyen son sèl kòd fanmi”. May this separation serve to strengthen not weaken our bonds.

Next, I would be remiss not to extend my utmost and sincere gratitude to the wonderful and always loyal Zenglen fan base. Your unconditional love and support have always uplifted me in dark times. Your unwavering passion and pride have always inspired and motivated me. You all have made my experience an unforgettable and meaningful one. Those memories will never fade.

To my fans: As my story takes a different turn, my hope is that you will continue to support me and uplift my spirit. My hope is that you will stay tune because my story has only just begun. I have many more chapters to write. Let’s finish this book together.

Esdras Edouard

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