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Breaking News: Haitian Compas Festival Going Back to Bayfront Park



The Official Haitian Compas Festival to Return to its Cradle.

After what seemed to be a very promising new venue endeavor, the official Haitian Compas Festival who made a big move from Bayfront Park last year to SunLife Stadium this year, is returning to its cradle for the next edition of the festival. Why you ask? While the promoters were trying to make the festival better and BIGGER they failed to realize the bill would be BIGGER as well. After receiving the final bill from the stadium… like true businessmen with nothing to prove, they decided to return to a more familiar place until they can figure out the next better yet cost effective place for the festival in the coming years.

In other words next Year the 17th Annual Haitian Compas Festival will be held at Bayfront Park in the heart of downtown Miami.


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