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Artist of the Week: Q&A Session with VOGGE [ OCHO, and OSTINATO ]



KE: What’s your name & what do you do?
OCHO: First off we want to salute everyone reading this interview and we also want to thank you konpa events for this interview . We appreciate it .

We are VOGGE which is a duo formed of me , OCHO, and OSTINATO. We make world music , our sound is influenced by a wide variety of genres which helps us to create our own sound our own vibe and our own lane .

KE: Where do you want to go with this?
OSTINATO: Our vision is very large to tell you the truth , to sum it all up we want to share and paint to the world our views our stories and our music the best way we can and represent Haitians around the world positively .

KE: What inspired your works?
OSTINATO: We’ve been doing music from an early age , listening to all kind of genres from hip hop to kompa to rock and pop inspires us to do what we do

OCHO: Also seeing other artists succeed in music inspires us to succeed in what we do as well and give it our best .

KE:  What’s the best thing about being an artist?
OCHO: Being an artist is a challenge , it requires a lot of sacrifices but being able create music that identifies with people is one of the best things for me . You have to realize music helps people relax , through music you can give an advice and you can touch millions of people .

OSTINATO: For me the best thing about it is the influence you can have in a community and the world . We want to have a positive influence in our community and one of the best way to do it is by being an artist and deliver quality art.

KE: Name three artists you’d like to be compared to?
OSTINATO: As an artist I think Micheal Jackson is example of what an artist should be. We look up to a lot of artists, however we would like to stand on our own and not be compared we are VOGGE .

OCHO: Exactly, give me permission to be bold lol only VOGGE can do what VOGGE does lol


KE: What’s your most embarrassing moment?
OCHO: my most embarrassing moment was having sex with my girlfriend at the time in a public place and being caught my mom’s friend.

KE: What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
OCHO: well entrepreneurship was always my go to skill . I remember in Haiti in high school I use to buy things in the states and comeback to sell them to my friends cause we couldn’t find them in the town . I ve always been self employed or creating a business.

OSTINATO: it’s been entrepreneurship for me as well . Since an early age I was in business with my graphic designing skills and photography.

KE: Name something you love, and why
OSTINATO: I’m a gamer I love playing video games and also playing instruments I believe it develops the mind . Playing instruments is like learning another language

OCHO: I’m trying to be PG 13 over here lol for this interview . I love playing sports . I believe staying active is essential to the mind as well it helps one to stay sharp .

KE: Without Music………………….
OSTINATO: Without music I would be depressed

OCHO: Without music, I would be depressed as well

KE: Music is…….

OCHO: Music is Everything , my escape

KE: My Music Make me…….
OSTINATO: My Music Makes me feel upbeat and happy

OCHO: My music make me feel excited and ready to party

KE: Where can we find your music and info?

Soundcloud: voggenation

YouTube Page: voggenation

And my social media accounts:

Twitter: @voggenation

Facebook: @voggenation

Instagram: @voggenation

Our manager is Evens Shakaitutu .

For bookings contact him at 305-776-6417

We also want to announce that our debut EP will be coming this August and we have our new video “PLACES” that we invite every one to listen and enjoy through konpa events ! YAGA


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