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Artist of the Week: Q&A Session with MasterBRAIN !




KE: What’s your name & what do you do?
MB: Hello Konpa Events, Followers & Fans all over the world • My name is MasterBRAIN and I’m a Haitian musician, rapper, freestyler, lyricist, gosht writer, drummer, etc • (Mass Talan) lol

KE: where do I wanna go with this ?
Let’s say I would like to take it where it’s never been before, if the shy is really da limit why not reaching for it, why not even go higher ? So I wanna take it farther, higher than I found it.

KE: What inspired my works ?
MB:My work is everything I see, feel eat, drink, smell, live, everything I touch, everything I do, hear or say, in general “Life” itself GOD, the nature inspire me.

KE:What’s the best thing about being an Artist ?
MB: The best thing about being an artist daprè mwen, is the love of the fans, how they support & praises you. The success, the inspirations, the excitement you have wen u meet everyone’s expectations.

KE: Name 3 Artists you would love to be compared to 
MB: lol I love this question (m’renmen kesyon saa)
I’d love to be compare to #1 Jean Herard Richard (Richie) because He’s always been my biggest idol & Defi at da same time, Dener Ceide because of his unique words wen he writes, he’s gifted hand, he’s ability of making everybody say “Yooooo Saaaa Bon amorttttt #3 Wyclef Jean because I want the world to know there is more talented Haitian artist who can rock their world and represent HAITI with nothing else but their musics like wyclef did .

KE: What’s your favorite Car/food/movie or drink?
MB: My favorite car “m pa gen Youn” long as I can drive it to where ever, when ever, li gen CD, Aux, ak lòt mwayen pou m Fe music I’m Gucci lol

KE: What’s your scariest experience?
MB: My scariest experience is watched my mom getting beat everyday by my step dad when I was just a lil BOY si se te kounyea misye t’ap jwenn and one more personal thing but don’t wanna say it . Maybe one day 😔

KE: What’s your most embarrassing moment?
MB: I have too many embarrassing moments can’t really pick one right now cuz m se yon Nèg Ki renmen Wonttt Fasil lol but I’ll say it was lè paranm te kale’m nan lakou lekol mwem Devan tout Moun

KE: What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
MB: Other than being an artist, I play soccer, I work like everybody normal person does, & I take care of my family .

KE: Name something you love, and why
MB: I love playing FIFA. Why? Just because I’m good at it, if not best in the world lol

KE: Without music………………………….
MB: I’ll be ……………….. LIFELESS

KE:  Music is my………………………………………….

KE: My music makes me feel
MB: Valuable

KE: Where can we find my music
MB: You can find my music on the links below

Soundclound @Masterbrain617
YouTube MasterbrainWelpelkwel or 116EntTv

Facebook Fan Page : @Masterbrain617
Instagram : Masterbrain617
Twitter : @Masterbrain617

Thank you KonpaEvents kenbe la epi Fanatik yo Konnen Sa’l Deja, Bondje, Tet OU Epi Respekte, renmen Youn lòt •

Ki Projè’m pou nou ———> “Surprizzzzz” 💯🙌🏾


Artist of the Week

Featured Artist Of The Week: Alexandre LeGrand / XTASSY – Q&A Interview




Alex Legrand Xtassy

Alex Xtassy

KE: Tell us a little about yourself. Where you are from? 

AL: I go by Alexandre LeGrand, 21 year old of Haitian and Colombian descendent. I was born in Haiti but throughout my teen years, I had the chance to travel and experience other countries’ culture with my family. Few years later, we decided to move to Long Island, New York where I graduated from my alma mater Westbury High.

After Graduation, I started college at Monroe College located in New Rochelle however only stayed up to my sophomore year. I have always had a passion for music ever since I can remember. It was always there which is why when I stopped school; I decided to focus on that aspect. I actually started my own band practice at a friend’s house and to be honest it was amazing.

Moving on forward to 2014, an opportunity of a lifetime was offered to me, which involved moving to Florida and joining, the youngest Haitian band in the HMI called X-TASSY as their lead singer. Since then, I have been a proud member of the X- tassy family.

KE: How long have you been making music? 

AL: Although I have been making music professionally for 3 years now, I used to practice on my own all the time. I always had a passion for it so I would listen to my favorite artists not solely Haitian musicians but all kinds musicians from all over who I have inspired me and I would sing along and improvised my own tricks in the music.

I started first as a hobby when I used to write music in pieces of paper whenever I’d have alone time and I really enjoyed the process of finding ways to connect and create something that makes me feel good and then wanted to make it bigger. I thought to myself, if I can write and make music for me then I could share with other people and make them feel good about themselves.

KE: What influences you in making Music? 

AL: Personally for me, music is like an art. It is a precious gift to be able to make music and I am lucky to be one of the people that have mastered that gift. My inspiration in making music comes from a lot of places such as my family, my drive to always continue to be better than I was and also the society.

I play music for the people because in such way I hope to have an unforgettable effect on them on redefining what having a good time is, what letting go fully means. So yeah, I’d say my drive to make music is mostly my fan because they are the ones pushing me to keep on writing.

KE: Describe your music, and what separates you from other? 

AL: Being the youngest band in the HMI circle, we have brought a lot of diversities in our music and that’s what so unique about us. Our music is new and no one ever knows where are we going next with our music or what type of sound are we going to use.

We are always trying to find ways to surprise our fans in our next music or album in order to just keep the excitement going. Being able to go over boundaries of what the expectations supposed to be in making music is what sets us apart from others.

KE: Name three artists you’d like to be compared to? 

AL: There are so many people to name because I find my inspirations in many of them however I hope years from now I could be compared to Pipo from Klass, Tjo from Kreyòl-la and Reginald Cangé.

These musicians have been my greatest mentors in their music and helping choose music as my career. I can gladly say that I owe it to them and it would be nothing but an honor to be compared to them.

KE: Who would you like to work with in the near future? 

AL: If and when the opportunity comes by I would love to work with Richie from Klass, Nickenson PrudHomme from Harmonik and Reginald Cangé.

KE: Production wise, who are your influences? 

AL: When in comes to production, we as group influence each other. There are a lot of diversities among us in such ways that we bring different ideas to the table. By sharing different ideas, it brings this whole different energy and phenomenon that makes our music enjoyable and influential.

KE: Who does your production? And who would you like to work with? 

AL: So far we have been doing our own production. We however, sometimes reach out to our close musician friends for pointers about the music.

KE: Can you share with us your most embarrassing moment in your music career? 

AL: It may sounds unbelievable but I have not yet had my embarrassing moment. However who’s to say, it’s only been 3 years anything can happen.

KE: What’s your favorite sport teams / Car / food / movie or drink? 

AL: I love to watch and play basketball. The Cavs have been doing amazing on the court and I am rooting for them till the championships. Europeans’ cars are my favorite; so distinctive from other models. I am foodie guy and enjoy a lot of seafood however I do not see myself as big drinker.

KE:  Any current or future projects you are working on or promoting? 

AL: I would like to let my fans and everyone know that our newest single “Let’s get down #LGD” is out. Make sure you check us out and show us support. A lot of people have been asking if we are doing a video for the song and all I can say is stay tuned and you won’t be disappointed.

KE:  Can you give us a brief description of the creative process of your latest single/album?

AL: Our single speaks of being completely in love with someone and wanting to spend the remaining of your time with that person. Truly, it happens in everyday life where a boy or a girl would choose to do anything for their partner or even choose her/him again in their next lifetime.

This song is for our fans and for the people going through this feeling. We made this music in the hope that it can have a positive effect on them as in they are not the only one and how their feeling is completely normal.

KE: Where can we find your music and info? 

AL: You could find us on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube, iTunes, SoundCloud. Facebook: X-tassy
Instagram: Xtassy_konpa
Twitter: Xtassy_konpa

SoundCloud/ iTunes: Xtassy


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Artist of the Week

Featured Artist Of The Week: Abojah Da Godman – Q&A Interview






KE: Tell us a little about yourself?

Abodjah: I am Abojah Da Godman, I was born and raised in Port au Prince, Haiti, lived in Simon-Pele (aka SP) most of my life. Affiliated with Zodjak Klan, EnigmatiQ, I.L. Click.

KE: How long have you been making music?

Abodjah: Feels like forever but let’s say 15 years to be on the safe side.

KE: What influences you in making music?

Abodjah: All type of sounds, music, and artist but Hip Hop and Reggae (especially Bob Marley) are my greatest influences.

KE: Describe your music and what separates you from others?

Abodjah: I make music to speak on how I see people, situation, time, and space. I used some philosophy and psychology in my poetically (of course) expressed texts on a Rap/Hip-Hop instrumental. I try to disappear into the sound with my “flow” and lyrics while trying to bring a positive message. I have to say I fall in the category of “conscious artists”.

KE: Name 3 artists you would like to be compared to?

Abodjah: I admire much more than just 3 artists from different backgrounds, cultures, and generations, with each his ,or her own style and ways which makes the question an uneasy one for me to answer.

KE: Who would you like to work with in the near future?

Abodjah: My inability to predict the future unfortunately prevents me from answering yet another question. But I wouldn’t mind working with anyone with a positive message to deliver (and of course a “good”sound)

KE: Production Wise, who are your influences?

Abodjah: Hip Hop greats, Rakim, Nas, Biggy, 2Pac, Master DJi, RGM, IZI-One… (the list goes on and on and on…)

KE: Who does your production? And who would you like to work with?

Abodjah: Episode, Kenken, Bojixta, Rickstyle, Aro, Mo’Beatz, I wouldn’t mind getting a few tracks from names such as FredHype, Maestro, Power Surge etc…
Can you share with us your most embarrassing moment in your music career?
So we are at a party right, musician, rappers, host, DJs, and I kept referring to someone as someone else during the whole time. What is more embarrassing about it is I knew the person I was confusing the fellow with for a very long time but never knew that it was him. It’s funny now. But I didn’t hear the end of it throughout the whole party

KE: What’s your favorite Sports Team/ Car/Food/Drinks?

Abodjah: Haiti,Chicago Bulls (Jordan Era), Argentina. I’m not a such a big car fan. Diri a legim, sos pwa congo to the side, or diri blan with that sos pwa kongo and chicken mixed with it, also Bouyon , oh and Haitian with avocado. Movies, most Tom Hanks, Denzel, All Bruce Lee… Phenomenon, Marvel movies, Revolver, Inception, Memento, Pulp Fiction… the list doesn’t end…

KE: Any current/future projects you are working on or promoting?

Abodjah: Working currently on an Extended Play (EP) and the compilation of most of my work will be on “A”Like Abojah” presented by GoEvil and TRAS, thinking about an album also and the TRAS movement projects just to name a few.

KE: Can you give us a brief description of the creative process of your latest single/Album?

Abodjah: Sometimes I get the beat first and the sound dictates what would be a fit as far as the subject matter. Other times I already have the lyrics and would work with a producer to find a perfect fit for the text if we can. For “Chanje Vim” the latest single (produced by RickStyle. Video by Mackendy Jeune for TRAS)on the other hand, I partly had the lyrics there and when I heard the sound I felt like I had to make it into a whole song.

KE: Where can we find your music and info?

Abojah Da Godman Facebook, Instagram
@abojahdagodman twitter
Youtube Page: Mackendy Jeune


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Artist of the Week

Artist of the Week: Q&A Session with Yuri “Da King” Silencieux





KE:  What’s your name & what do you do?

Yuri: Hello everyone my name is Yuri “Da King” Silencieux and I am a producer, singer, bassist, & audio engineer.

KE: Where do you want to go with this? 

Yuri: I would to become one of the major producers for Haitian music as a whole and one of the most popular artist

KE: What inspired your works? 

Yuri: Well my inspiration and passion for konpa started when I was exposed to the album “Pa Bouje” by Phantom as a child. But I made it my mission to carry on the konpa legacy when Phantom discovered me, giving me my first opportunity to play bass with them, now that was a dream come true!

KE: What’s the best thing about being an artist? 

Yuri: I would have to say the best thing is the reaction of the fans when you’re on stage and when they fall in love a song you’ve worked on. To be able to connect to all types of people through music is a gift from God.

KE: Name three artists you’d like to be compared to? 

Yuri: Actually I wouldn’t like to be compared to anyone because everyone has their own flavor, but in the future I’d like to be spoken about amongst the greats that have contributed to our music.

KE:  What’s your favorite Car/food/movie or drink?

Yuri: Car: all BMW models – Food: lasagna  – Movie: the matrix

KE: What’s your scariest experience?

Yuri: I can’t say i’ve really had one.. Im usually calm

KE: What’s your most embarrassing moment? 

Yuri: I’d rather not say lol

KE: What jobs have you done other than being an artist? 

Yuri: I’ve been a waiter, I’ve worked at various clothing stores,  but i went to school for audio engineering so most of my jobs ultimately have to do with music.

KE: Name something you love, and why

Yuri: Music because it is a magical language that speaks to the soul and our deepest emotions.

KE: Just for Fun fill in the blanks! 

Yuri: I’d like to thank Konpaevents for this interview epi Konpa Direk Devan!

KE: Without music…………

Yuri: I would be…… non existent

KE: Music is……………………………

Yuri: Life

KE: My Music Make me feel…………………

Yuri: like I’m on top of the world

KE: Where can we find your music and info?

Yuri: On my soundcloud and Facebook

Soundcloud: Yuri Daking
Twitter: Yuri_da_king
Facebook: Yuri Daking
Instagram: Yuri_da_king


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