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Video: Watch KLERE’s new music Video for ” Tonight ” & Listen to Jalouzi

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Watch Klere’s new music video for new release single [ Tonight ]…

The band “Klere” based out of Orlando Florida was formed in 2010 by a group of talented artists. Their undeniable passion and love of music sparked the formation of the renowned band “Klere”. As fellow musicians, together they’ve acknowledged the need for a diversified band within the industry.

“Klere” is a live performing band consisting of a Lead singer/Voice, Keyboard, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Congas, Percussion. The band’s music and performances comprises of a mix style from different genres such as Kompa love, Zouk, Hip hop, R&B and more.. “Klere” took a two-year hiatus to focus on personal endeavors such as academia, and personal family matters. As true artists, “Klere” members never lost their passion and continued to perfect their musical talents and gifts.

The lead singer while focusing on his academics, with the support of the band worked on solo projects as a singer, song writer and producer. Today with much experience as matured artists, “Klere” has regrouped to continue their journey. “Klere” is determined, focused and better than ever.

Keep your eyes on “Klere” as the band continues to rock stages locally and throughout the states.

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