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Video: [ Steehe Khe ] on the Djakout #1 Experience & Will he Performs Djakout #1 Hit Songs

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Steeve Khe

Yeswa nan Lakou Miami Konpaevents te fè yon chita pale avek Steeve Khe nan rebrik ” Konpaevents One – On – One ” avek Don Vlad, kote Steeve te gen chans pou’l te esplike nou de pasaj ak eksperyans li nan Djakout #1.

Dapre sa Steeve Khe di Konpaevents maryaj Djakout #1 ak Steeve Khe te pote yon rezilta 50/50 pou li e Djakout #1,paske anpil moun vin’n dekouvri talan’l gras avek Djakout #1 e Djakout #1 jwen siksè avek mizik ke’l te chante sou denye albòm nan.

Yon maryaj ke anpil moun estime ki fini rapid e vit men kounya eske Steeve Khe kon kontinye chanté mizik Djakout #1 yo. Dapre sa Shabba te di Konpaevents ” Steeve Khe pa gen dwa pou’l chante mizik yo “, eske Steeve Khe ap dakò avek Shabba?


Watch: Steeve Khe on Life Before Djakout #1 & How He Got Into Music

Eske Steeve Khe ap Jwe Mizik Djakout #1 Yo Nan Bal Samedi

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