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Read: Harmonik’s Bal Review in the Turks and Caicos Islands by Sakpasetci



We always say that, a Haitian party always turns out to be a Caribbean party and that is a fact. Whether it is a Haitian Band or a Haitian Dj, there’s always a mixture of all of the various nationalities present, which includes Turks Islanders, Dominican, Jamaican, Bahamian, St. Lucian, just to name a few in attendance, because after all, we’re one Caribbean and the rhythm from the Kompa/konpa is sweet enough to have you wining your waist although you don’t understand the words of the song.

The Event was hosted by K & C Entertainment and featured the Haitian Kompa band ‘Harmonik Band’ out of Miami. Also performances by Turks and Caicos Islands Band ‘V6’ with early juggling by Dj Success “The Only Haitian Dj in town…


We arrived at the event location shortly after 11pm, there were a number of persons lingering around inside because nothing was happening on the inside as yet. Charlie Photographer had his photo-booth set up on the outside taking pictures. As the time progresses, a number of persons began strolling in, it’s Harmonik and all the ladies wanted to see Mac D, so they were out in full, deck down in their dizzle-dazzle, stylin and profylin. We decided to enter the club shortly at 12am, by that time, Dj Success was juggling music and had the crowd begin to positioned themselves for dancing.

Harmonik’s Performance

Harmonik came on stage at about a few minutes to 2 am, they started playing at 2:05am and as soon as Mac D arrived on stage, all the ladies from the back came to the front. All the ladies showed Mac D lots of love. A short power glitch interfered with the sounds for about 15-20 minutes but the crowd stayed and waited. These guys came to play music and they did just that. From their songs Obsede, Mesi, Sa Pa bon, Diferan to their present hit songs of Benyen’m and Incroyable. Everyone was dancing, everyone seemed pleased with the band’s performance in the deliverance of the Kompa tunes. The band concluded at 4:43am, they entertained some of the ladies and fans by taking some pictures.

Great job K&C Entertainment and well done Harmonik and V6 Band.”


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