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Opinyon Pa’m: Eske Djakout #1 Gen Rezon Pou Sanksyoné Steeve Khe ?

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opinyon pam

Rebrik Opinyon Pa’m se yon nouvo rebrik sou Konpaevents ki se yon espas kote nap ka tande opisyon plizye “ Direktè Opinyon “ sou dosye ki merite limyè oubyen ede nou pran yon desizyon.

Pou konmanse nap derape avek dosye “ Steeve Khe “ avek ” Djakout #1 ” kote Steeve Khe te fè yon demand epi pale nan radio pou esplike demand li. Djakout #1 decide sanksyoné’l paske yo estime dosye a pat sipoze pran lari epi Steeve Khe pat sipoze pale.

Men sa Direktè Opinyon Konpaevents te kontakte  yo panse de desisyon Djakout #1 pran pou SANKSYONE Steeve Khe.

Ronny en ActionRonny en Action

Toussaint Sonlaria Toussaint Son Laria

Leroy Leroy Atonalez

Tjoel TGT-joel TG

Don VladDon Vlad

Dadou Couleur-200x280Dadou Couleur

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