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Nemours Jean-Baptiste Would Have Been 98 Years Old Today ! [ Feb 2/1918 – Feb 2/2016 ]

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Nemours Jean Baptiste

Third child of a family of four children, Nemours was born on February 2, 1918, and died on May 18, 1985, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. After the premature death of his parents, Lucia, dressmaker, and Clément Jean-Baptiste, shoemaker, Nemours and his brothers and sister, André, Monfort and Altagrace were entrusted to their next of kin. After some studies at the two parochial schools, Jean-Marie Guilloux and Saint Louis de Gonzague, Nemours was on his own at an early age and tasted some difficult moments in his life. He did some insignificant jobs to meet his needs. Having become a barber, Nemours could find without doubt, in his clients and the barber shop, the audience and the ideal place to discuss his love and express his talent for music.

A gift received by chance was his first sponsorship through a friend, Antoine Duverger. Owner and banjo player, Duverger decided to entrust his beloved banjo to Nemours to avoid the parental reprimands children “of good families” in the beginning of the century did not play music. Nemours took advantage of this confidence and learned to play the banjo by himself.

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Below is 15 Titres D’Or De Nemours Jean – Baptiste by Mini All Stars for your listening pleasure

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