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Disip de Gazman Couleur welcome Wadson to the team KLERE YO

Gazman Disip

With the success of Disip’s new studio album “ Klere Yo “ Gazman is on a mission to stabilize the band by bringing back some key players like “ Dobodo & Claudy “.

The addition of Dobodo & Claudy helps Disip carry on with Gazman’s mission to keep Konpa Direk alive because Disip is one of the top Heavy Konpa band on the market right now.

But something was still missing, a second Guitar Player to help Maestro Markenson during the live performance.

After months of searching Disip has finally found someone for the job, his name is Wadson. He used to played with Nou Krezi / Option /Dat7.

Wadson played his first gig with Disip last night in Spring Valley, we know he’s a good player but still unsure if he will fit to Disip style of playing.

Good Luck to both Disip & Watson, hope this is a long lasting relationship.

Below is a screenshot of Wadson playing with Disip in New Jersey


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