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Audio: Listen to TRANKIL’s “ Sa Tou Bon “ Song by Song Album Presentation & Feedback



Yesterday [ 3 POU 5 ] presented Trankil’s new studio album ” Sa Tou Bon “, during the presentation Wilfrid played all the songs on the album.

The Album is Available online now on iTunes ” TRANKIL SA TOU BON

Below is how everything went on the show…


Abed Nego Clergé (lead vocal) 3,5,8,11
Eddy Louis (lead vocal) 1,4,9,11,13
Ismael Marseille ( lead vocal) 1,2,7
Mackendy Salnave (keyboardist,) vocal 1,6,9,11,12,13
Pierre Eben Liverdieu (guitarist ) 1,3,4,5,7,8,9,10
Milliance Christopher Mikerlange (Guitarist)
Hilai Dorvil (bassist )
Edlin Pascal (drummer) 4,5,7,8,9,10,
Loubentz Belizaire (percussionist)
Frizto Charles (conga player)

ALAN CAVE (background vocal) 4,11
Stanley Georges (background vocal) 8
Dener Ceide( background vocal ) 3
Yves Albert Abel the Fridge (Bass) 4,5,9
Hermane Absolu (Bass ) 10
Shedly Abraham (drums) 1,11
Jonas Imbert (Drums ) 3
Harry Bourdeau (Guitar ) 2,7,9
Piko Gabriel (guitar) 4
Rodolph Dontfraid (bass) 1 ,8
Johnson St Cyr (Bass ) 7
Watson Jn Baptiste (Guitar) 2
Weelex Etienne (Guitar ) 4,8,9

Tracks / Music

1.SA TOU BON (paroles&musique: MackendySalnave )

2.POKO PARE (paroles&musique: Mackendy Salnave)

3.SI M PA T GENYEN W (paroles&musique: Mackendy Salnave)

4.M’ ANVI KOZE (paroles:Eddy Louis & Mackendy Salnave,musique: Mackendy Salnave)

5.PALE POU YO (paroles&musique: Mackendy Salnave)

6. TONIGHT(paroles&musique: Mackendy Salnave)

7. SANTI M TA KRIYE (Paroles&musique : Mackendy Salnave)

8.MON BEAU FILS (paroles: Pierre Michel Theodat,musique: Mackendy Salnave)

9.LET THE MUSIC PLAY (paroles&musique: Mackendy Salnave)

10.AMOUR INTERDIT (paroles:Nixon Damis,musique:Nixon Damis & Mackendy Salnave )

11. MWEN TWÒ RENMEN W (Paroles&musique : ALAN CAVE)

12.AFEM PA BON (paroles&musique: Mackendy Salnave)

13.CRAZY PARTY (parole:Mackendy Salnave & Nixon Damis,musique: Mackendy Salnave)


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