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Audio Inter: Richard Cave transitioning from CARIMI to KAÏ, can Richard Cave Do it Again?

Richard Cave Kai


Carimi shocked the world when they announced the sudden departure of Micheal Guirand from the band which left then with no choice but to take a break to regroup.

But it wasn’t as easy as they thought it would have been because they didn’t think that Carlo Vieux would have followed  Micheal’s trace and put an end to his music career with Carimi.

That left Richard Cave with three choices, giving up like the others, continue Carimi alone  or start something new.

Richard  Cave only see himself doing what he loves the most “ Music “. So he regrouped and called in a few other musicians to join him.

That’s how they came up with a new band named “ KAÏ “, to get all the details and the inside scoop about his new band.

Konpaevents did an audio interview with Richard Cave in which he talks about his love for music, the process of launching this new project and so much more.

Below is how Richard answered the questions… Listen and Share


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