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Artist of the Week: Q&A Session with MasterBRAIN !

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KE: What’s your name & what do you do?
MB: Hello Konpa Events, Followers & Fans all over the world • My name is MasterBRAIN and I’m a Haitian musician, rapper, freestyler, lyricist, gosht writer, drummer, etc • (Mass Talan) lol

KE: where do I wanna go with this ?
Let’s say I would like to take it where it’s never been before, if the shy is really da limit why not reaching for it, why not even go higher ? So I wanna take it farther, higher than I found it.

KE: What inspired my works ?
MB:My work is everything I see, feel eat, drink, smell, live, everything I touch, everything I do, hear or say, in general “Life” itself GOD, the nature inspire me.

KE:What’s the best thing about being an Artist ?
MB: The best thing about being an artist daprè mwen, is the love of the fans, how they support & praises you. The success, the inspirations, the excitement you have wen u meet everyone’s expectations.

KE: Name 3 Artists you would love to be compared to 
MB: lol I love this question (m’renmen kesyon saa)
I’d love to be compare to #1 Jean Herard Richard (Richie) because He’s always been my biggest idol & Defi at da same time, Dener Ceide because of his unique words wen he writes, he’s gifted hand, he’s ability of making everybody say “Yooooo Saaaa Bon amorttttt #3 Wyclef Jean because I want the world to know there is more talented Haitian artist who can rock their world and represent HAITI with nothing else but their musics like wyclef did .

KE: What’s your favorite Car/food/movie or drink?
MB: My favorite car “m pa gen Youn” long as I can drive it to where ever, when ever, li gen CD, Aux, ak lòt mwayen pou m Fe music I’m Gucci lol

KE: What’s your scariest experience?
MB: My scariest experience is watched my mom getting beat everyday by my step dad when I was just a lil BOY si se te kounyea misye t’ap jwenn and one more personal thing but don’t wanna say it . Maybe one day 😔

KE: What’s your most embarrassing moment?
MB: I have too many embarrassing moments can’t really pick one right now cuz m se yon Nèg Ki renmen Wonttt Fasil lol but I’ll say it was lè paranm te kale’m nan lakou lekol mwem Devan tout Moun

KE: What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
MB: Other than being an artist, I play soccer, I work like everybody normal person does, & I take care of my family .

KE: Name something you love, and why
MB: I love playing FIFA. Why? Just because I’m good at it, if not best in the world lol

KE: Without music………………………….
MB: I’ll be ……………….. LIFELESS

KE:  Music is my………………………………………….

KE: My music makes me feel
MB: Valuable

KE: Where can we find my music
MB: You can find my music on the links below

Soundclound @Masterbrain617
YouTube MasterbrainWelpelkwel or 116EntTv

Facebook Fan Page : @Masterbrain617
Instagram : Masterbrain617
Twitter : @Masterbrain617

Thank you KonpaEvents kenbe la epi Fanatik yo Konnen Sa’l Deja, Bondje, Tet OU Epi Respekte, renmen Youn lòt •

Ki Projè’m pou nou ———> “Surprizzzzz” 💯🙌🏾

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